Why Murals for Change?

We combine the forces of activism, art and mindfulness to empower future leaders using creativity and connection as tools. As a small but inspired team, we facilitate projects to provide a safe space for people to come together, explore their creativity and self to channel it into meaningful change. We use collaborative murals and conscious workshops to show that you don’t have to be a professional or know exactly what you’re doing to make a difference – all you need is the courage to put your hand up and begin.

For anyone who’s ever met our Founder, Montana, you’ll know her passion and integrity are deeply imbued in everything she chooses to do. She is a living ray of sunshine. Art is a language she understands, having grown up with painting as a personal tool for inspiration, escape and self-expression. Now, Montana uses it to connect people to causes she’s passionate about, providing an outlet that nurtures and empowers participants. Her initiatives transform public spaces, inspire young people to discover deeper self-awareness and help communities contribute to a meaningful legacy they take collective responsibility for. 


Giving voice to things that matter, while holding space to talk about it in a positive way, matters to us. Through creating collaborative murals and facilitating creative experiences, we believe we can make meaningful change in the world, one heart, one artwork at a time. No matter where you live, how old you are, whether you have all the answers now or not, we’re proving that every voice matters. Art with a cause is about nurturing the inner activist.

If creative collaboration with meaning is encouraged through accessible opportunities, our community will develop the confidence and inspiration to make a meaningful impact on the world. When you pair art with tailored workshops, designed to connect the self to the self, others and the world, empowerment is the result. Messages of positivity on environmental and political issues that exist in our world today projected through the lens of art, invite self expression and a positive way to stand up for personal beliefs. 


Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing can be improved by making art and enabling ourselves to connect better. As a collective we are faced with a number of social, political and environmental concerns that can make us feel uncertain and anxious. Art is an effective way to create meaning, verbalise complex feelings and relieve stress focusing on building a process rather than an outcome. Through specially designed creative workshops, Murals for Change encourages renewed connection to self, peers and the world at large through art making. 


Art has the power to bring people together. In every Murals for Change project we harness that power to share messages of positivity and light, collaborating with change makers and organisations to deepen connections while sharing information and resources. When we have a community to draw upon for support, shared resources, discussion and encouragement we become immensely powerful. We believe that everyone should have access to art, creativity and tools for positive expression, so we do our best to ensure our projects are free. People living in regional and rural areas find it harder to access the same creative opportunities as cities and urban regions – travelling can be expensive, time taxing and often it’s not possible to take time away from work. We’re taking Murals for Change around Australia to empower EVERYONE to explore the messages they’re passionate about through art and creativity. 


Each mural we create,, every element of our workshops encourage free exploration, play and expression of important world issues such as equality, ocean conservation, universal connection, climate change and more. Art has the power to change the world, and we’re harnessing it. We creatively talk about the things that matter most. And then we paint a wall about it opening a non-invasive, change-focused dialogue.

Soon we’ll be on the road bringing murals for change to communities all over Australia. 

Get Involved

We have a strong anti-discrimination policy. This is why all workshops strive to be held at minimal to no cost to participants as we believe empowerment is a right for everyone.


Learn about causes spanning natural disaster relief, sustainable planning, ocean conservation, sustainable industries, enhancing habitat, cruelty free cosmetics and more.