“The collision of life and art; the ethical condition and aesthetic creation.”

– Gabriela Leon

What is ARTivism?

The Murals for Change story began with an urge to use art as our tool to express things we want to see changed in the world, in a way that’s motivating, inspiring and transformative. We want to put this tool in the hands of all people who are inspired to influence their future through inviting deeper thought and collective action. Through practice-led workshops and community we use art to share that everyone can make a difference, addressing global causes on a personal and local level. By incorporating elements of community, connectivity and socialisation we actively facilitate opportunities for like minded people to come together, establishing a sense of unity, belonging and safety.

Artivism has the power to connect people, providing opportunity for the creative expression of social and environmental responsibilities. Art for change invites questions led by both the heart and the head. Through creative gestures a fairer, more sustainable, conscious and inclusive collective is possible.

Artivism has been a tool for critical imagination throughout the times, reaching popularity in the 90’s growing in strength and effectiveness with the rise of the internet. Artivism is fluid and flowing, moulding to those who wield it while responding to both technology and nature.

Public murals integrate cultural and conceptual engagement into the everyday human experience. Integrating artivist murals into everyday urban environments, provides the opportunity for continued community participation and responsibility in artivism. By inviting the community to contribute to the conceptual development and installation of the artwork as a creative and therapeutic activity, Murals for Change encourages community contribution ensuring that each considered initiative is locally led and relevant. It is here we combine art therapy and artivism. 

“If anything, art is... about morals, about our belief in humanity. Without that, there simply is no art.”

– Ai Weiwei

Murals for Change workshops provide a safe space for people to come together, explore their creativity and channel it into creating meaningful change. We use collaborative murals to show you don’t have to be a professional or know what you’re doing to make a difference – all you need is the courage to start.

⬇ ARTivism in our community ⬇

‘The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is – it’s to imagine what is possible.’

– Bell Hooks