SPICE Byron Bay


Byron Bay


Connection + Community

SPICE Byron Bay is known for being ‘Australia’s smallest take away cafe’, where it is literally only big enough for the barrister to take and make orders from. But for what it doesn’t have in space, it makes up for in heart. SPICE is a hub for creatives and holistically minded people to try a famous Mushroom drink elixir and/or pet with the owners friendly german shepherd. Situated on the main strip of Byron Bay, the Cafe opens its doors to reveal an incredibly detailed menu of uniquely characterised drinks and when it closes for the day, it reveals a unique art piece embodying the energy of the space painted by our founder, Montana Lower.

This individual mural project is a testament to the capability the Murals For Change energy has to engage and captivate an audience and connect them with a space they may have otherwise just walked past. Though different to our other mural designs, it still features one of our iconic sunflowers as a tag to continue embracing and leading the trail with a like minded community.

"Painting the SPICE mural was definitely one of my most memorable experiences. Because the mural was on the outside of the doors, I could only work on it at night time. For anyone who has been to Byron Bay, it should be noted that it is like a theme park at night time! The mural was painted at a particularly busy period during a hot Byron Summer, and I enjoyed interacting and meeting with the community as they passed by."


Photo by Marc Stapelberg