Serotonin Eatery




Connection + Community

Serotonin Eatery aka ‘Happiness Centre’ is a foodies hot spot and renowned for its work in the health and wellness space. The space is well known for it’s instagrammable (and delicious) vegan menu, grounding atmosphere and inclusive energy to run mindful, educational and exercise events for the Melbourne community and beyond. It is now also home to one of our iconic sunflower designs painted by Murals for Change founder, Montana Lower.

The sunflower design connects to a chain of sunflowers painted all over the world, symbolizing connection, community and a heart centred value system.

“I enjoyed being able to introduce my followers to the space through the online activation of the mural project. Because we shared a like minded audience, I was also able to surprise my following through a ‘meet and greet’ when they were casually visiting their favourite local cafe.” 

—Montana Lower


The project saw a unique spin on the iconic sunflower art to suit the vibe and personality of the client. The three sunflowers symbolize the mind, body and soul connection infused in the Serotonin space and is greatly inspired by the sunshine-like energy of the team. Montana commented, 

 “It was such a joy to spend the week painting and sharing with the Serotonin community. It really means the world to be able to connect with our followers in person. They always have such unique stories to tell and it comforts me to know that we are able to connect through the sunflower left behind.”