Noble Spaces


Byron Bay



Over a warm spring weekend in October 2019, fourteen artists gathered from near and far to cover a once overlooked public wall with messages addressing environmental and political issues that exist in our world today. Coming in at just under 50m, each artist was invited to express themselves and stand up for the world they believe in, through an original artwork design in the name of ARTivism.

The mural was led with a design from Murals for Change Founder, Montana Lower, emphasizing the importance of sustainable design with the message ‘DEVELOPMENT’ should not mean ‘DESTRUCTION’. This not only encouraged the regeneration of spaces, processes and materials but the importance of designing in coexistence with the environment. This design was created in association with a development dispute along the south-east coast, urging protestors to stand up against large development companies and projects in small coastal towns.

So far the petition has gained over 500 signatures and will support this journey to fruition, proving the power of art in supporting activist causes.

We were so humbled by the other artists and their artworks which covered topics of equality, ocean conservation, universal connection, climate change and more.

The public are now welcomed to view the installation at the Byron Gallery Wall, 13 Grevillea Street, Byron Bay. This is the first in an ongoing partnership with Noble Spaces that serves to connect artists with public spaces for artivism.