Byron General Store


Byron Bay

The place where it all began.. Over the last few years, Byron locals have seen their beloved General Store evolve from a humble corner store, to a fish and chip shop to now one of the most frequented locations in a small but constantly busy coastal town. The most recent change of hands saw the store completely reimagined to a white aesthetic that preserved the original value system with a modern approach… But it needed some heart added back to it!

At the time of the renovation, founder of MFC Montana Lower was busy pursuing a career in Environmental Engineering.. But that all changed when she felt a paint brush in her hand and realised what it felt like to be doing what she was put on this earth to do. The owners of the Byron Bay General Store left it open to Montana to paint whatever she wanted. It was her first mural since leaving highschool so she wanted to start off small and found herself painting a simple sunflower over a power box on the outside of the shop.

Since the first painting, the mural has expanded to follow down the side walk on a wooden fence. The fence mural tells a story of how the ocean meets the forest in Byron Bay, and features a wreath to stand in front of and tag yourself at the location.

“The Byron General Store sunflower is one of the most captured places in Byron Bay, and I still get shocked when I see it pop up in my news feed or receive messages from people saying they travelled COUNTRIES to be able to sit under that flower and snap a photo.”

“When I think back to painting murals, it’s rarely ever the artwork that I remember. What I remember is interacting with people/customers as they passed by, learning something new and painting that energy onto the walls for people to come and enjoy long after I have left. Looking back, it’s hard to imagine that the first sunflower would be the start of something as special as Murals for Change, but it makes total sense.”

— Montana Lower

Eternal thank-you’s to General store owners Phil & Ben for believing in us from the very beginning