Save the Bees


Bribie Island Community Art Centre


Importance of Bees

Murals For Change x Save the Bees is a creative empowerment workshop involving community mural painting and connecting young artists to tools of positivity, self empowerment and awareness and community mindedness. In the event of strict border closures, Bribie Island local and practicing artist, Ange Vernados and First Nations artist Keisha Leon led the Murals for Change x Save the Bees workshop at the Bribie Island Community Art Centre. After 2 days of creative mentorship an intimate group of emerging artists and highschool students painting a mural that reflects the cultural vitality of the Moreton Bay region

We were so proud and humbled to witness the energy and enthusiasm demonstrated by the workshop participants. While the mural was collaboratively designed by Ange Vernados and Keisha Leon, each element came to life with the individual style and effort of the group. Before painting began Ange and Keisha discussed bees and local native ecology, diving into the concept development of the mural to ensure that all participants felt empowered to paint something they felt passionate and knowledgeable of. Throughout the painting phase, participants continued to build connections with each other through conversation and teamwork. It was our intention to build a collective understanding of how art can be a powerful tool for positive impact and self expression.

Murals for Change founder and director, Montana, initiated this project to provide authentic creative opportunities for young people to nourish their mental health and honour the environmental and political issues they’re passionate about, in a positive and empowering way. Each element of the workshop revolved around the themes of creativity, connection, courage and community. 

The resultant mural art work enhances the building, the surrounding area and indeed the island. The workshop theme and associated messaging, Save the Bees, is positioned through the artwork a valuable and meaningful reminder to the community about the importance of bees. Murals for Changes sees this artwork as a legacy that will continue to raise awareness of the action required to save threatened ecosystems and the importance of honouring nature. The mural will provide a talking point from which important discussions and gentle thoughts might spring. The artwork is a beautiful feature for the many visitors who pass through the popular beachside venue.

This workshop and mural outcome is proudly supported by the Moreton Bay Region and the Regional Arts Development Fund.